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About Us

Lending a Helping Hand

Haringey Somali Community & Cultural Association (HSCCA) is one of the leading Somali charitable companies in London providing free legal advice, information and support services to members of the Somali Community in Haringey. 

The Organisation has been providing advice and support services for Somali refugees and asylum seekers as well as Somali British citizens for over thirty years.

Although we're based in the London borough of Haringey, advice services of the HSCCA can still be accessed by Somalis from other neighbouring boroughs in London such as Enfield, Islington, Barnet, Hackney.

If you’re not a Haringey resident and you do request casework services to be completed by us, we do kindly ask for a small donation to support our organisation. If you are not financially able to donate, we are still happy to work with you. However, if your case is more complex we can refer you to an alternative free casework service provider. 

If more information is required on our services, please contact us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help the Somali Community strive towards becoming economically stronger, educationally achieving higher, mentally & physically healthier, socially more confident, professionally better skilled, politically more powerful, culturally more respectful, towards others and themselves, and above all better integrated within the mainstream society.

Aims & Objectives

To relieve poverty, particularly amongst persons of Somali origin in Haringey, by the provision of advice, information and support in the area of welfare benefits, health, housing and training.

To advance education particularly of persons of Somali origin in Haringey, by the of language and literacy classes, and by the promotion of the educational needs of Somali people within the host Community, and in such other charitable ways as the committee may determine from time to time 

The Activities of the Association

  • Welfare Rights Advice 7 Information

  • Housing Advice & Information

  • Supporting People Service

  • Youth Guidance & Support

  • Mother Tongue & Supplementary Classes

  • Summer Trip

  • Work Placement Opportunities

  • Eid Festival

Services And Activities The Site Offers

The site aims to provide information on welfare benefits, health, employment, and training, education, housing, leisure, immigration and other relevant and essential information for successful integration into the host community. It also aims to serve as a resource centre, which contains bulletin boards, links to other useful sites, directory of community organizations, reports and studies published about the Somali community. It will also provide a venue for self-expression and a forum where people can share and exchange ideas, thoughts, success stories (for role models) and problem solving ideas.

The site aims to enable users to have access to relevant information and a sign posting facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the convenience of their computers. Hence it aims to overcome the inherent inflexibility of the office based face-to-face advice, which has fixed opening times and location

This site aims to reach out to the members of the Somali community in the UK and beyond, those who work with members of the Somali community and those who are seeking to improve their understanding and knowledge on the history and the changing nature and needs of the Somali community in the United Kingdom

Haringey Somali Community & Cultural Association is AQS accredited

The Advice Quality Standard (AQS) is awarded to organisations that give advice to members of the public on legal issues. Organisations are assessed every two years and have to demonstrate that they are accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their clients.


Opening Hours

Get In Touch

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm
Please call in advanced to book an appointment.

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